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Gareth Crocker Interviews Casey B Dolan

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Welcome to an excerpt of Cocktail Hour at The Good Book Appreciation Society where Gareth Crocker grilled Casey B Dolan on her fictional debut, When the Bough Breaks. Gareth will open up to the floor for any questions at about 8:15. Over to you Gareth…

‪Casey B Dolan ‪Gareth Crocker yoohooo…over here!!!!

‪Gareth Crocker Yes, yes. I’m right here. You’re so pushy, Dolan

‪Casey B Dolan correct

‪Gareth Crocker So Casey, firstly, I assume you look lovely this evening? You were looking particularly ravishing this afternoon when I was staring at you through your kitchen window. You probably didn’t see me given that I was wearing my trusty lamp post disguise?

‪Casey B Dolan Was that you that the dog took a whizz on?

‪Casey B Dolan And I am in my pink PJ’s with a hot water bottle awaiting your barrage of interesting rhetoric

‪Gareth Crocker So, for those who may have been living in a cave for the past decade or so, a quick recap: model, radio personality, voice over artist, TV star, film star, supermom, animal activist and humanitarian. On the surface, and for those who might not have read your autobiography, An Appetite for Peas, it seems as if one success has naturally led to another. But that’s not quite true, is it? It seems to me that you’ve had to fight very hard to get where you are today. Yes?

‪Casey B Dolan Well, yes…I am not sure fight is quite the word, I have kept my head above water and kept swimming

‪Gareth Crocker Having read your magnificent (and I mean that) autobiography, An Appetite for Peas, I think I’m right. You’re the sort of person who really goes after what you want. Your tenacity is a key part of your make-up, yes?

‪Casey B Dolan I think any career in the creative arts takes a lot of perseverance to be able to make any headway and then a rather thick hide to take the plethora of whippings dolled out on a far too regular basis. Yes. Tenacious is definitely apt. Along with a few other choice words that are not as flattering hehehe

Gareth Crocker Please, Casey, let’s keep this conversation professional. All this talk about whipping is getting me a little hot under the collar. But seriously, you’re clearly a tremendously focused person. Which is great, given that the book world is known for dishing out its fair share of beat downs. Did I mention that my first novel was rejected like 500 times?

‪Casey B Dolan Really??! Was that Finding Jack??? But it was met with critical acclaim…wow…

‪Gareth Crocker …and enough about me. So, Casey, in your writing you have an extraordinary gift for dialogue. Some of the best, I’ve ever read. If your dialogue had a fight with my dialogue it would pull its hair, punch it in the stomach and send it home to cry. Where does this ability come from?

Casey B Dolan I think the aspect of my writing that may be slightly unique is perhaps dialogue only because I have waded through 20 years of zipping up characters getting in their heads enough to convincingly portray them. i don’t necessarily just write a scene I see in my head, I actually “play” the role of the character I am writing…it comes a lot easier to me than writing extensive narrative and imagery. So I suppose at some point I may stretch myself but for now I so love writing scenes where the dialogue really portrays everything I haven’t described (does that make sense?)

Gareth Crocker Yes, of course it makes sense. It now also explains why, Mondays to Fridays, you run around your bedroom gesticulating as though your hair is on fire. Always wondered about that. Anyway, I digress. Tell me a little about your process. Do you plot your novels up front? Or do you simply kick off with an interesting premise and allow the story to take its natural course?

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