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Kelly Ansara interviews Amanda Coetzee

Welcome to another Sunday Morning Pajama Flash Festival. This morning renowned bookie blogger, Kelly Ansara is interviewing prolific crime author, Amanda Coetzee, over to you Kelly…

amanda - kell

‪Kelly Ansara ‪Amanda Coetzee – kettle boiled?

‪Amanda Coetzee Alcohol distilled and ready to answer it all…

‪Kelly Ansara Tell us, for those that don’t know, about your fourth novel ‘One Shot’?

‪Amanda Coetzee One Shot is a crime novel that pits our detective against a complex and competent adversary on British and South African shores. There is a drug war on home ground and a sniper with a grudge. There is also trouble in Badger’s personal life. A volatile mix

‪Kelly Ansara It was great! Why did you want to bring Badger to SA, considering your previous novels dealt soley overseas? (was it because Badger wanted to sweep a dear doe-eyed Kelly off her feet? ‪#Fangirl?)

‪Amanda Coetzee Sadly not and remember how dangerous he is to be around Kelly… I thought it was time, maybe like Badger to confront both my identities; British and South African.

‪Kelly Ansara A girl can dream right! Talking about Badger (Harry ‘Badger’ O’connor); What made you write a flawed protagonist, seemingly a ‘Bad Boy’ persona and is he based on anyone real? He is very dark, mysterious, enigmatic and haunted… (easy ladies).

‪Amanda Coetzee He has a lot of my husband in his more redeeming qualities; loyalty to family, honour, ruthlessness when protecting those he loves… Perhaps he is a little of the damaged man we meet that is worth saving – the man who is unable to love not because he is emotionally constipated – but because he believes he is unworthy of love.

Kelly Ansara It’s an interesting thread to tie Harry ‘Badger’ O’Connor to an Irish Traveller family. What was your inspiration behind this?

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